Bringing choices to women in the UK

Established in 2022 to bring Exeltis products to the UK market, Exeltis UK is currently working to bring a number of new treatment options to UK patients. With products in a range of therapy areas, we are all about meeting unmet needs for women across key stages of their sexual and reproductive lives.

Exeltis is a part of a global family

Exeltis – parent company of Exeltis UK – is a part of the Insud Pharma Group of biopharmaceutical organisations, having over 40 years of experience and operations in more than 50 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

This group was established in 1977 and also includes Chemo and mAbxience. Our overarching goal is to improve health all over the world, providing accessible, effective, safe, quality medicines through our various business units, underpinned by continuous investment in R&D and cutting-edge technology at all our centres.

Map showing global locations of Insud Pharma
45+Years of experience
18Industrial Plants
15R&D Centres