Group of men and women in business attire talking in a board meeting

Our ambition,
strategy, and values

The aspirations of Exeltis UK comprise of our ambition, strategy, and values.

Our ambition

Where do we want to be?

To be recognised as a trusted leader in women’s health, respected and valued by all our partners and our employees.

Our strategy

How will we get there?

  • Fulfil patients’ needs by collaborating with our partners to deliver access to a range of valued Exeltis women’s health products across the UK.
  • We will be proactive, open to other points of view and responsive in our communication. We can be relied on to deliver on our commitments.
  • Attract talented, motivated people and provide each person with the environment and challenges for them to grow within our organisation.

Our values

What makes us different?

Our values are at the core of everything we do. They are embodied by our teams of creative, adaptable and motivated individuals – defining our everyday, and guiding our future.

Appreciating difference
Entrepreneurial spirit

Improving the lives of patients is always at the core of our work. Whether interacting with healthcare professionals or bringing a new product to market, we keep the patient front of mind and always strive to do the right thing in the right way.

We will be open, truthful and authentic in all of our communications – from interactions with healthcare professionals and patients, to expert bodies and community stakeholders. This commitment to transparency is non-negotiable and permeates through every aspect of our organisation.

Passion is recognised and rewarded at Exeltis UK. Every one of us is motivated to rise to challenges with enthusiasm and focus, without forgetting to enjoy the journey along the way.

We respect differences and champion inclusivity. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their opinion, and we endeavour to listen and make them feel heard.

We face and solve problems with confidence and curiosity, by embracing ambiguity and taking ownership of our ideas. Each of us is excited by a challenge and driven by purpose.

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